Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals

The EU chemicals regulation REACH sets clear requirements:
Between the June 1st and  December 1st, 2008, producers and importers were required to report and pre-register each and all notifiable substances. This also increased the pressure on the medium-sized companies in the supply industry. There are a variety of differentiated, industry-specific procedure recommendations, one example being the one issued by the Automotive Industry Guideline on REACH (AIG).

What is missing? A smart solution for automated implementation of REACH which blends seamlessly into a variety of system environments.

The REACH module of the iPoint Compliance Agent considers the entire process - end-to-end. It analyzes, supports, monitors and automates all the processes and requirements around REACH. This means that industrial companies are well-covered with little effort.

iPoint's extensive industry and technical know-how, combined with close collaboration with users during the development, offer the guarantee for an equally refined and differentiated compliance tool. REACH compliance will thus become child's play for your company:  Those who use the iPoint Compliance Agent REACH module have the advantage that REACH compliance is handled completely in-house.

Our strength is the combination of your data for REACH Compliance!


  • Maintains REACH legal entities
  • Special authorization concept, designed for REACH
  • Care and utilization of important long-term REACH contacts in the supply chain (single point of contact)
  • Flexible layout and management of risk factors in case of loss of suppliers
  • Automated request for missing documents and information with appropriate cockpit functionality and documentation
  • Reviewing SVHC substances and intentional releases
  • Review of safety data sheets and obligations in the supply chain
  • Substance, mixture or article-related definition of the roles manufacturer, importer or downstream user


Since 2007 the REACH Regulation has been in place. The law requires you as a company to show how you handle the compliance. You are responsible for the safe handling of substances, you have to show evidence for all the properties/hazards that are handled during production, so that no man or the environment is endangered.

Reports for all substances is to be filed for more than 1 ton per year during transportation. We support your analysis of REACH, with our check and management tools to assist you in the approval, recycling rates, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Design for Enfironment (DfE).

We offer the following consulting services for REACH:

  • Complete support for downstream users, article producers and importers through the entire REACH process, so that your products will continue to compete successfully in the market
  • The costs incurred by REACH compliance to be minimized
  • We will assist you in communicating with suppliers, customers, regulators
  • Analysis of data gaps
  • Review of Safety Data Sheets


  • Expert consultant/consulting services
  • A central point of contact throughout the project period
  • Tailor-made projects
  • Targeted analysis processes
  • On-site project management
  • Transparent processes
  • Measurable added value for the immediate project implementation
  • On Time/on budget project implementation


Product Brochure

SAM-M: substance and risk management
(English language version; 425 KB)
- Substance Article Mixture Management

SAM-M: substance and risk management
(Japaness language version; 394 KB)
- Substance Article Mixture Management