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Collect, analyze, compile and report your sustainability data with Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR Software from iPoint.

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The reporting frameworks recommended by the EU – GRI G4 or "The Sustainability Code" based on the German Sustainability Code (DNK) – lay down guidelines for sustainable products. Companies must collect, evaluate, compile, and report the appropriate data both internally and across their value creation networks.


iPoint supports you with collecting, analyzing, compiling, and reporting the CSR-relevant product-related compliance and sustainability information in accordance with the requirements, guidelines and codes such as GRI G4 or DNK.


➤ Automated update of regulatory changes
➤ Data collection, merging, and processing

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR?


CSR reporting  -  the practice of measuring, disclosing, and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders – is becoming the norm amongst companies around the world. Driven by increased regulations as well as investor and customer expectations, companies are faced with multiple reporting questionnaires, standards and rating organization. Meanwhile, the need for measurable, comparable CSR metrics is growing.


At many large international corporations, it is already an annual, voluntary practice. From 2017, it will become mandatory for an estimated 6,000 companies within the European Union: a Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR report. It will affect "public-interest entities" with over 500 employees, including not only insurance companies and banks, but also listed companies.