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"Green lie" of supposedly sustainable menstrual cups

Are menstrual cups a “green lie”?

An LCA comparing menstrual cups and tampons shows that products advertised as particularly sustainable are not always the truly sustainable alternative. A second look is worthwhile and sharpens sustainability thinking...

LCA and green lies

Do LCAs reveal green lies?

As life cycle experts know, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a useful tool to either confirm or disprove a product’s assumed environmental advantage. Consumers, too, are increasingly looking to LCAs when it comes to...

Sankey Diagram: Tasty Christmas Special

If you wish to delight all of your colleagues with a tasty christmas present, here is a simple recipe for a huge amount of cookies: Ingredients: 3000g of flour 1000g of sugar 20 eggs (approx. 1200g) 200g of chocolate...