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First glimpse at the SCIP database

During last week’s ECHA IT working group meeting iPoint’s experts had the chance to get a first glimpse at what the SCIP database will look like. With these first impressions, we are eager to be able start testing on it this week, although it has become clear that any data submitted in the initial stage will not be re-usable for final submission.

ECHA has again strongly recommended a system-to-system solution for SCIP reporting

In addition, ECHA has again strongly recommended to make use of an interface for a system-to-system solution for the upload of a large number of data sets and / or multiple complex objects. This has spurred us on to continue on our path of development of a solution for SCIP submission easing both the analysis of submission obligations as well as the handling and upload of large amounts of data.

Interested in further details of iPoint’s SCIP reporting solution: contact iPoint at marketing@ipoint-systems.com or download our SCIP Whitepaper and watch our SCIP Videos.

Angelika Steinbrecher

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