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EVEA labeled laminated floors

French Environmental Labeling – Industrial Experience Feedback

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EVEA Conseil is a French Umberto partner and a leading consultancy firm for Life Cycle Assessment and Ecodesign. The LCA project described in this article results in two main improvements. The labeling allows customers to consider environmental indicators relevant for their purchasing decisions. It has also pushed many manufacturers (Leroy Merlin suppliers) to assess their environmental impact trough Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Context and goal of the project

According to the french environmental labeling experimentation launched by the Sustainable Development Ministry, the goal of the project was to assess and label the environmental impact of approximatively 1.500 products in 4 products categories (paints, glues, mastics, laminated floors).

Project execution

–  Selection of indicators, impact assessment methodology and scoring rules
–  Specific software tool use for :

  • Data gathering for Leroy Merlin suppliers
  • Impact assessment according to NF P01-010 standard (French LCA standard for building products)
  • Export of results with certified confidentiality


Since July 2011, 9 voluntaries stores have been provided with environmental labels either with all impact indicators or with single score only (see below). Website will be updated with the environmental impact information during autumn as well as sellers and floorwalkers will be trained on labeling in order to advise customers also in questions on environmental performance.


Example of labeling the environmental impactExemplary label from France









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