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How to collect information from your supply chain – Where an industry standard does not exist!

When it comes to collecting information from your supply chain, having certain industry standards, such as the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) is very helpful. However, how do you collect information where a standard may not exist? During our webinar we will discuss the challenges of collecting data for areas such as Anti-Human Trafficking, Medical Device Surveys, the AIAG Supplier Sustainability Self-assessment and other examples including how to overcome these challenges.

We will provide you with helpful guidelines and tips for collecting data where standards are absent.

iPoint Supply Chain Survey – Know your Suppliers
iPoint’s new software solution collects all the information you need from your supply chain.

What’s in it for you?

Collect data – not only answers – Discover how you benefit from a guided request answering process, including the option to reject answering and provide a reject reason.
A survey tool that grows with your supply chain – Learn how create flexible questionnaires based on customizable templates and run campaigns to suppliers requesting one or multiple questionnaires.

Watch the video and learn how you can use iPoint Supply Chain Survey to collect critical information from your supply chain where an industry standard does not exist.

Daniel Maier

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