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How Toyota North America ensures the compliance of its products

When Toyota North America decided for iPoint Compliance as the leading solution to manage all their IMDS activities inhouse it took only nine months to get the system up and running.

Today iPoint Compliance provides a full vehicle compliance check and has improved and speed up the communication with Toyota’s supply chain tremendously.

Join James Tu, Senior Technology Director at Toyota North America, and Sushma Kittali-Weidner, Director, U.S. Operations at iPoint, in this 60 min joint webinar and discover how Toyota North America create the transparency businesses need to manage what they already measure.

What’s in it for you?

  • Discover how to save time and efforts by fully automatizing and integrating iPoint Compliance into your business processes
  • See how you can match your operations with your strategy
  • Learn how you can benefit from efficient supply chain integration and risk management

Daniel Maier

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