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Lids against Polio

Poliomyelitis, more commonly referred to as polio, is an illness that has been almost completely eradicated with there being only a few known cases in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. The virus causes signs of paralysis and disability. The disease can also have long-term effects and/or lead to death. Polio is incurable – but with a vaccination, life-long protection against polio can be achieved.

Collecting plastic lids to finance vaccination

Every year, children in this countries catch polio, although they could be protected with only one preventive vaccination. iPoint recently became involved in the global eradication of this incurable disease through the collection of plastic bottle lids as part of the “Lids Against Polio” campaign. The polio vaccinations are financed by selling plastic bottle lids to recycling companies. 500 lids are needed to pay for a vital vaccination.

Why are 500 lids enough for a vaccination?

A single lid weighs around 2 grams. 500 lids add up to approximately 1kg of plastic. The proceeds of 1kg cover the costs of a vaccination against polio.

Join the campaign

Start collecting and save lives – each lid counts. > More information here


Daniel Maier

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