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iPoint Provides Pilot Tool For EU LIFE Project AskREACH

iPoint Compliance becomes the pilot tool for the EU Project LIFE AskREACH. In addition, iPoint actively participates in different ECHA Working Groups. The goal is to create the ECHA SCIP database, which will be useful for the LIFE AskREACH project.

ECHA and the European Commission agreed that the ECHA SCIP database is indispensable for compliance with the Framework Waste Directive, which comes into force this year in July. In this database the information of companies manufacturing, importing or supplying articles and substances on the candidate list will be stored and made public according to REACH Art. 33.

From 5 January 2021 this information along the value chain must be available to ECHA for all articles placed on the market. Both ECHA and the EU Commission assume that the target of completing the prototype by 5 January 2019 will be difficult to meet due to the lengthy financing negotiations.

iPoint is looking forward to the cooperation in the different ECHA Working Groups. To make the ECHA SCIP database project a success, iPoint contributes to the description and operation of processes and interfaces.

The LIFE AskREACH project, that iPoint is also involved in, aims to align with ECHA’s SCIP database as far as possible. The LIFE AskREACH consortium is closely monitoring the developments regarding the SCIP database that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is to establish under the revised Waste Framework Directive (2018/851/EU).

With iPoint Compliance as solution for Material Compliance, iPoint provides the pilot tool for the LIFE AskREACH project and is supporting the project with its expert know-how.

Clara Ramon

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