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SCIP Database Connector successfully used by our customers

Our software solution is already successfully used by our customers from various industries e.g. Healthcare, Electronics, Manufacturing or Automotive. By today our customers have submitted over 75,000 complex article datasets using our solution to ensure they meet their established SCIP reporting goals. The selection and validation of data via the iPoint SCIP Connector secures that the submissions meet the SCIP acceptance criteria which is demonstrated by 99.9% of all submissions have passed the validations checks defined by ECHA.

Watch the video to hear about the latest updates on ECHA SCIP database and see a live demo of iPoint’s SCIP Database Connector.

What’s in it for you

• Hear the latest updates on ECHA SCIP database
• Discover how bulk upload options allow to submit groups of products to the SCIP database in one shot
• Learn how global default settings make the process extremely efficient
• See how to manage multiple legal entities and to make “simplified submissions” without having to re-create the dossiers from scratch
• Learn how iPoint helps you with referencing previously submitted data for complex object management
• Experience how the SCIP Database Connector integrates to leverage data from different systems like IMDS, iPoint SustainHub, BOMCheck, ERP/PLM and Compliance systems
• Find out what works best for you – adapted to your company profile, company size and your needs, iPoint offers an Enterprise, Professional and Essential solution for your SCIP reporting.
• See a demo of SCIP Database Connector

Interested in further details of iPoint’s SCIP reporting solution: contact iPoint at marketing@ipoint-systems.com or download our SCIP Whitepaper and watch our SCIP Videos.

Angelika Steinbrecher

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