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Sneak Peek at iPoint’s SCIP Connector

See a live demo of the iPoint Compliance SCIP Connector that automates the creation of SCIP dossiers and the exchange of data with ECHA`s new SCIP database.

Sneak Peek at iPoint’s SCIP Connector

• Management of your company’s one or more ECHA UUIDs required for SCIP submission
• Extensive options of default settings allowing easy initial SCIP reporting on the basis of existing data
• Management of product details and setting of SCIP relevance
• Dossier Creation, Validation and Upload

Interested in further details of iPoint’s SCIP reporting solution: contact iPoint at marketing@ipoint-systems.com or download our SCIP Whitepaper and watch our SCIP Videos.

Angelika Steinbrecher

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