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Stayin' Alive: Survival Strategies for 2012

Stayin’ Alive: Survival Strategies for 2012

If you read these lines, it is more than likely you are still alive. And if you read these lines, the date will be January 2012 or later. What do these facts mean? Well, no apocalypse has happened so far, as a matter of plain inductive logic.

Actually, talking about mankind, nothing unusual really happened after December 31st, 2011. As states Benjamin Anastas in a NY Times article from 2007 (The Final Days):

It is a splendid, human-size dream, that an ancient people revered for unearthly wisdom could climb aboard a calendar ship and redeem us from our troubled world and the confines of our vexing natures.

The actual state of affairs in 2012 looks like this: We are still here. And of course, the world is still troubled. Concerning our vexing natures, however, it depends on us whether or not we confront this confinement.

Some say, the apocalypse has not taken place because the idea is esoteric bullshit. Others say, yes, 2012 has arrived, but the exact date when the current Maya calendar age ends, is December 21st, 2012 – twelve more months to go.

Personally, I don’t believe in a great happening. I don’t think the world will end in a clash and I don’t consider it likely that mankind will disappear at once. What I do believe is that we should change our anthropocentric attitude, that we should increase our respect for the planet, and that we have everything it takes to do so.

The shift towards sustainable development is taking place. Little by little, some things get better, some lifestyles turn greener, some green innovations spread, some consciousness rises. Talking about this very year, there is a lot going on. The following collection of the most important trends in sustainability is inspired by influential bloggers and institutions. Adapting to these trends is essential because sustainability aims not only at the ongoing existence of our world. A sustainable company, too, is more likely to outlast whatever crisis. And who knows? Maybe on December 22nd, when the dust has settled, we will find ourselves left among the chosen few, the green practitioners…

Article image shows a U.S. nuclear bomb test from 1954, “Castle Romeo” atmospheric nuclear test, to be precise, uploaded to flickr by The Official CTBTO Photostream.



  • Even though i don´t believe that 2012, will be the end of the world like the Maya calandar predicts, the date is only at 21.12.2012 so still some time left. Thank you for your post very informative.

  • Decrease, Reuse, recycle…and for building houses try to use straw bailes, has anyone been inside one? Amazing how it keeps the heat, and jet even human heat!

    • So far, I haven’t been to an exclusive straw bale house. But I’ve seen a passive house in Austria using prefabricated straw-clay units as walls (100% natural). The thick triple glazing windows, supposedly, contained some rubber, and the basement was concrete – but apart from that, almost all materials used were natural.
      As the passive house standard specifies, it saved all of the heat generated in everyday life – dishwasher, toaster, humans. The main heat source, of course, was sunlight, also for generating warm water from the air, through a heat exchanger.