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"Green lie" of supposedly sustainable menstrual cups

Are menstrual cups a “green lie”?

An LCA comparing menstrual cups and tampons shows that products advertised as particularly sustainable are not always the truly sustainable alternative. A second look is worthwhile and sharpens sustainability thinking...

LCA and green lies

Do LCAs reveal green lies?

As life cycle experts know, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a useful tool to either confirm or disprove a product’s assumed environmental advantage. Consumers, too, are increasingly looking to LCAs when it comes to...

Andreas Kröhling, Deutsche Telekom AG

LCAs in the telecommunication sector

Andreas Kröhling, Senior Expert for Corporate Responsibility at “Deutsche Telekom AG” recommends just getting started and keeping at it! Even simply recognizing the most important areas to focus on will help you to...