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The Sustainability & Compliance Trends Survey 2019

The overwhelming response on our Sustainability & Compliance Trends Survey 2018 encouraged us to continue our research to keep our fingers on the pulse. We have designed a new survey to ask the sustainability and compliance experts to share their toughts about the trends for 2019 with us.

We are eager to hear what the top sustainability and compliance challenges are that your companies and you personally are facing this year. Your expert insights help us to stay on top of the sustainability and compliance development agenda.

Focus Topics 2019 – Cost of Compliance & Digitalization

In our 2019 survey, we focus especially on the importance and estimated cost of compliance and sustainability and your perspective on the benefits of digitalization. We will update you in the mid of 2019 with a first summery on the results and publish a detailed report at the end of the year.

We would highly appreciate if you would be willing to spare 2 minutes of your time to share your thoughts on the Sustainability & Compliance Challenges of 2019!


Daniel Maier

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