iPoint against COVID-19

How iPoint’s Solutions Support You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has presented companies around the globe with unexpected challenges of unprecedented scale. During this volatile time, iPoint is here to support you and to help you recover better and recover stronger.

Supply Chain Survey

Reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 on your supply chains with fully automated business processes: Our Supply Chain Survey (SCS) on iPoint’s SustainHub platform offers you a single point of entry to make communication and data collection in supply chains as easy and efficient as possible.

Risk Evaluation

The Supply Chain Survey allows you to immediately start communicating with your supply chain and find out if and how your suppliers have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis. This enables you to determine whether you are facing delays in procurement or need substitution. With the Supply Chain Survey, you can also gather information on the location of your suppliers and enrich it with pre-existing data, e.g., on smelters they source from, letting you conduct sound geographical risk assessments. As the iPoint Supply Chain Survey sends out the requests via SustainHub to your suppliers automatically, the response rate is extremely high, while the effort on your side is low. All answers can be taken into consideration for a sound risk evaluation of each of your suppliers, enabling you to make informed business decisions to flexibly react to changes and future crises.

Tracking Human Rights Violations

Supply chains are often complex, with multiple players at each tier, and fragmented due to increased subcontracting. Victims of human trafficking and forced labor are especially at risk in supply chains due to the lack of transparency caused by Covid-19. Companies can benefit from the iPoint Supply Chain Survey to identify, track, and prevent human rights violations in their value chains and adapt their anti-human trafficking, ethical, or human rights programs accordingly. Companies can also use iPoint’s free, Excel-based open-access tool eLRT (electronic Labor Rights Template) for this purpose. Evaluated and tested by a stakeholder forum of experts and practitioners drawn from the private sector and civil society, eLRT was designed to support companies in their compliance with global human trafficking and modern-day slavery legislation.

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The effects of the crisis have made companies worldwide aware of how important and relevant the traceability of parts and materials is for the resilience of their supply chains. Supply chain mapping based on digital data enables us to see interdependencies and improvement potentials in organizational processes and supply chains.

The Technology

Data recorded on a Blockchain via verified, cryptographically secured transactions are immutable. Each transaction is recorded and added to the previous one, resulting in a growing chain of information that provides a full traceability of a product’s supply chain journey. We at iPoint view the Blockchain technology as a powerful tool which leads to increased efficiency and risk reduction, achieved by integrating trusted compliance information into the flow of raw materials and parts.

The Solution

SustainBlock is one of iPoint’s recent blockchain-based solutions to demonstrate responsible and resilient procurement of minerals and metals, from mine to end-users, and in turn provide downstream companies access to information on the provenance of minerals contained in their products, as well as key actors of the supply chain and near real-time information about potential supply chain incidents. The SustainBlock system allows to communicate this information effectively within the supply chain for companies it is directly relevant to. The pilot of the SustainBlock project was funded by the European Partnership for Responsible Minerals (EPRM).

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In the “BloG³“ project, which iPoint's innovation hub CircularTree is implementing together with partners from the clinical, academic, and the private sector, we are developing a blockchain-based solution that is designed to simplify the management of patient health data and make it more secure. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The Project

The project BloG³ uses a blockchain-based decentralized data and rights management system to make the scattered stored data available in an individual health profile. This integration of distributed health data can enable personalized medical care and thus more efficient and effective treatment. A digital platform offers patients and third-party providers transparent access to health data at all times – despite decentralized data storage.

The Aim

Among other things, this will improve data exchange during the transfer of a patient from the hospital to the general practitioner – without data loss or information breaks. The aim is also to strengthen the data sovereignty of patients. Since this is highly sensitive health data, data protection is of particular relevance – in particular but not exclusively in these COVID-19 dominated times. How data protection can be ensured is one of the essential questions that this research project aims to answer.

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How iPoint and our Customers Are Making an Impact in the COVID-19 Fight

Business has a critical role to play on the way back to the “new normal”. Sustainable business leadership is needed now more than ever before. In the last months, iPoint and our customers from all over the world demonstrated their responsibility towards employees and society in these challenging times.

iPoint’s COVID-19 Measures

COVID-19 task force INATBA

iPoint is founding member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications, which has set up a COVID-19 task force. Working on an expedited timetable, the goals of this worldwide consortium of public and private parties are twofold: to address profound challenges to global systems and services, and to analyze, sort, package and present deployable solutions to governments and organizations that tackle the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For the private sector, the Task Force serves as a curator of solutions by convening partners and managing relationships to adapt the solutions as needed and to ensure that specific needs are being met. With the blockchain technology we have the tool to build a global, adaptive system that networks data intelligence for every item flowing through it. Now, all stakeholders across the supply system are invited to join and make our economy a truly connected one.

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iPoint's business operations and internal processes

iPoint is closely monitoring the developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). In order to continue to ensure that our customers' and our own business operations continue to operate as smoothly as possible, while protecting our employees, iPoint has taken appropriate measures in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the local government and public health authorities.

Our employees are equipped in such a way that they can also work from home. We have extensive online cooperation possibilities for our employees to communicate with each other and with you. This means that you can reach your contacts and use our services even in the event of an extended quarantine.

For the time being, we will continue to hold face-to-face meetings as online meetings. We will inform you directly about any changes.
We are continuing to monitor the situation closely in order to adapt our business operations to ensure continuity and to support the safety and health of those affected. We will keep you informed about current developments via this website.

Our Customers’ COVID-19 Measures

Like many other companies, our customers have taken various steps to ensure employees’ health and well-being as well as business continuity: from urgent but necessary measures such as temporary production stops or pauses in projects, to the digitalization of processes and alternative work models such as remote working from home.

Besides numerous financial and material donations, many of our customers also provided their own protective equipment, products, or facilities to medical personnel. Several companies offered their own technical equipment to find solutions, while pharmaceutical companies increased the production of essential critical products, and manufacturing companies repurposed their production facilities and switched to the production of medical devices, protective equipment, and disinfectants. Beyond providing valuable resources that can help save lives, this move helps the companies keep their workers and facilities operating despite difficult economic conditions. iPoint is very proud to be part of such a wonderful ecosystem!

Let’s join forces to tackle this and other great global challenges together. Now is the time to put sustainability at the centre of the global recovery.