Towards a Digital Circular Economy

Digital Circular Economy – what is that?

Take – make – use – dispose. This is the still prevailing linear economy system. Products which are thrown away, buried in landfills, or burnt at the end of their primary use phase can not only contain valuable materials consisting of finite natural resources, but also hazardous materials harmful to humans or the environment.

We at iPoint strongly believe that the solution to many of these problems lies in the combination of the Circular Economy, which allows companies and society to manufacture, use, and re-use truly sustainable products, with digital data – an approach we at iPoint have come to call the "Digital Circular Economy".

Watch Part 1 of our little video series on our concept of a Digital Circular Economy and stay tuned for Part 2 to see how only a circular system driven by digital data will lead to a truly sustainable future.

Join the Circular Economy

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iPoint are selected by the European Commission to join The Scale-Up Circular Business project #scalingcircularbusiness. This means that we are one of the SMEs to help other organisations in becoming more circular.


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