True EH&S Business Intelligence

Visualise relationships in your EHS data


Build interactive relationship maps

iPoint BiS is building a ground-breaking business intelligence application that will reveal deep insights about your business. EHS reporting is simple. But CiDER goes much further, allowing you to go much further.


Visualise data relationships
CiDER adds another layer of usability to your existing data and data systems. It visualises your data in ways you’ve never seen before so that you can discover more. CiDER scales as big or small as you need it to be. And you can change it easily as your business changes. Just the way it should be.


Interview your data
By naturally representing your organisation, people, activities, products and services, you can ask very human questions of your data. CiDER allows you to explore your data with curiosity, inquisitiveness and by asking why. The more you ask, the more intelligence you will uncover.

[Translate to German (de-DE):] Reach compliance software benefits


  • Naturally represent your organisation

  • Visualise data relationships; not just your data

  •  Build workflows for real people

  • Increase the value of your data

[Translate to German (de-DE):] Reach compliance software features


  •  Build interactive relationship maps

  • Includes content libraries for regulatory frameworks, risk factors, KPIs, emission factors etc.  

  • Includes human-centric workflows and allows you to build your own  

  • Uses interview-style queries rather than filters  

  • Grows as your data grows

  • Designed for real people

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  • Utilises cutting-edge graph database technology

  • Easily handles millions of data nodes with no performance impact  

  • 1000 times faster than existing relational databases tools*  

  • Built on an API-core making custom apps easy and quick to build

What are EHS relationship maps?

EH&S data is typically recorded and analysed in relational databases. Not in CiDER. We built our tool using a graph database. This new technology is really good at modelling data in a more human way. EHS relationship maps show how your data are connected. Like you would draw a mind map on a whiteboard.




Because this allows you to interact with your data in a much more human way. You can interview your data. You can go down the rabbit hole of your own Wonderland and find real business intelligence.