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Information and Notification Obligations of the Retail Sector in Line with the EU Chemicals Regulation REACH

EEF, a UK industry group, recently conducted a survey which revealed an alarmingly low awareness of REACH’s implications for British manufacturers, especially among smaller companies: 20% of the surveyed companies believe that REACh does not apply to them at all, while further 30% say that the regulation isn’t important to their business. 72% of large and 83% of medium sized companies indicated that they were monitoring REACh-related developments, whereas only half of the smaller companies said that they were doing so. The survey results back the common misconception that REACh merely concerns the chemical industry. In fact, this EU chemicals regulation can affect all manufacturers, workshops and craftsmen using or importing substances and materials, either alone or in mixtures.

The EEF survey also revealed that companies perceive REACh as very costly and complex, with 80% of the companies indicating moderate to significant increases in the cost and time spent on dealing with this chemical regulation in the past two years; due to this, approximately 50% of the surveyed companies have taken on dedicated staff to manage this issue.

iPoint’s REACH module of the Compliance Agent provides optimal support for companies affected by the EU chemicals regulation: Blending seamlessly into a variety of system environments, it facilitates, analyzes, and monitorsall of the REACh-related processes and requirements for automated implementation of REACh.

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Clara Ramon