Live LCA: 1st US Industrial Interest Group Workshop in Ann Arbor, MI
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Live LCA: 1st US Industrial Interest Group Workshop in Ann Arbor, MI

Purpose of the Industrial Interest Group is to learn from the experience of different industry sectors, collect requirements and get feedback on intermediate results.


  • Learn from each other in an inter-industrial exchange of experiences

  • Get early insight into concepts and results of the project

  • Participate in the development of Live LCA and see your own requirements reflected in the solution


  • Willingness to share experiences, learnings and current challenges

  • Commitment to actively participate in workshops, online meetings and/or personal interviews


Tuesday, October 10th, 2017; Ann Arbor, MI (venue: tba.):

1:00 pm Get together at lunch

1:30 pm Introduction

1:45 pm Introduction to the Live LCA Project

2:15 pm Workshop Session 1: Which use cases do participants see for instantly available product-specific life cycle information?

3:00 pm Coffee break

3:15 pm Workshop Session 2: Which internal data sources do the participating companies see as relevant to be accessed or linked to the Live LCA solution?

4:00 pm Workshop-Session 3: How and what kind of sustainability information is used during the design and development of products today?

4:45 pm Summary & Outlook

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