Webinar: Material Compliance Using SAP Just Got a Lot Easier
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Webinar: Material Compliance Using SAP Just Got a Lot Easier

To stay competitive in today’s global market, it takes more than just great design and competitive pricing – success increasingly hinges on developing products that are compliant with a growing list of international regulations and consumer expectations.

The challenge – ensure compliance worldwide for all your products

Companies today face the huge challenge of identifying potentially hazardous substances and materials in their products and, where necessary, making substitutions in order to make their products compliant.

Analyze all your data – in real time – within SAP

Companies using SAP know they have a vast amount of quality data in their system that can be analyzed for compliance purposes and while SAP does offer individual modules to leverage this data, the overall functionality typically falls far short of what business users require today.

Best Practice Example – How Webinar: Becton Dickinson unlocks the benefits of compliance data with the iPoint Compliance Cockpit

iPoint has developed the Compliance Cockpit for SAP used e.g. by Fortune 500 company Becton Dickinson (BD), a global medical technology company.

The Compliance Cockpit for SAP provides them an out of the box connection from BD’s SAP instance directly into iPoint’s Compliance Agent. This allows their SAP user to leverage all of the market leading functionality of iPoint Compliance  while directly living in their native SAP instance. By doing so, the benefits of compliance are suddenly easily unlocked for users at BD in various departments such as engineering, supply chain, quality, purchasing and even management.

Join Mohammad Javed Akram, IT Lead for Sustainability at Becton Dickinson and Hans-Karl Rath, VP Operations at iPoint-systems and learn how the Compliance Cockpit for SAP makes compliance more efficient and cost effective.

What's in for you?

  • Learn how you can reduce the huge amount of working efforts by automating the steps in the compliance process and benefit from a minimum of 50% time saving.

  • Get to know how you can easily provide compliance data exactly where it is needed

  • Discover how you increase control and reliability of your compliance process


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