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What does the latest US Appeals Court Ruling on Conflict Minerals mean?

At iPoint we are aware of these legal proceedings and will continue to ensure our applications and services meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Moreover, we would like to highlight the important aspects of the August 18th ruling:

  • Although “DRC conflict free” related declarations are not legally required, SEC Issuers must still file the Form SD

  • If an Issuer elects to use a “DRC conflict free” related declaration, they will still need an Independent Private Sector Audit (IPSA)

  • SEC Issuers will still need to conduct supply chain data collection and validation

  • Suppliers still play a critical role in providing the necessary Country of Origin Information to their Customers

We will continue to monitor all developments with the U.S. version of the Conflict Minerals rule, as well as those continuing to develop in Europe and elsewhere, on behalf of our customers and their suppliers who depend on our applications to meet their reporting requirements.