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Die neusten Videos von iPoint
iPoint Product Sustainability: Understanding Your Product Carbon Footprint

Watch the video and learn how Logitech is going for Product Carbon Transparency supported by our software iPoint Product Sustainability.


iPoint Compliance: SCIP Database Connector

Hear about the latest updates on ECHA SCIP database and see a live demo of iPoint's SCIP Database Connector. Our software solution is already successfully used by our customers from various industries e.g. Healthcare, Electronics, Manufacturing or Automotive. By today our customers have submitted over 75,000 complex article datasets using our solution to ensure they meet their established SCIP reporting goals.


iPoint Compliance: SCIP Database Connector Enterprise & Professional

Learn what works best for your company. In the video you will hear about the latest updates on ECHA SCIP database and see a live demo of the officially released iPoint's SCIP Database Connector.


iPoint Compliance: SCIP Database Connector

See a live demo of the iPoint Compliance SCIP Connector that automates the creation of SCIP dossiers and the exchange of data with ECHA`s new SCIP database.


iPoint Product Sustainability: Next Generation

iPoint Product Sustainability is a flexible solution for various industry requirements. In the video we present you practical use cases for iPoint Product Sustainability that we have developed together with our customers.


iPoint Supply Chain Survey: Homeland Security and Your Supply Chain

The US Department of Homeland Security is committed to enforcing laws against human trafficking and forced labor. What does their new "strategy" document means for you and your company?


iPoint Compliance: Get ready for ECHA's SCIP database

Get an in-depth insight into SCIP database – What is required, and how you can get started with iPoint Compliance.


iPoint Product Sustainability: How to provide Life Cycle Information for non-LCA experts

Thanks to automatization and data interfacing, LCA is becoming accessible to any role in an organization. Also non-LCA experts now can use life cycle information for decision-making or steering the company towards more sustainable business practices.


iPoint Conflict Minerals:  Source responsibly

Cobalt, EU-3TG and Sanctioned Entities – Why you should establish proactive business practices to manage the shift from conflict minerals compliance to responsible sourcing.


iPoint Compliance: How Toyota North America ensures the compliance of its products

Discover how Toyota North America uses iPoint Compliance from iPoint to create the transparency businesses need to manage what they already measure.


iPoint Supply Chain Survey: How to collect information from your supply chain

When it comes to collecting information from your supply chain, having certain industry standards, such as the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) is very helpful. However, how do you collect information where a standard may not exist? In this video you will learn how you can use iPoint Supply Chain Survey to collect critical information from your supply chain.


iPoint Product Sustainability: How to use Life Cycle Information to set AND reach your Sustainability Goals

Volvo Cars and iPoint systems act jointly in improving availability of and accessibility to life cycle information flows. Better quality of results, specific for each product by use of real primary data sources. Jessica Andreasson from Volvo and iPoint’s Product Manager Andreas Schiffleitner, show you in this 45-min. video how you can use iPoint Product Sustainability to set, monitor and reach your sustainability goals.


iPoint Compliance: How to successfully market your products worldwide – faster

iPoint's Product Manager Sushma Kittali-Weidner and Maroye Marinkovic, show you how you can speed up the approval review process for products, materials and substances.

Get exclusive insights and discover how we’ve helped one of the world’s largest automotive companies to simplify and completely systemize their product, material and substance approval process.


iPoint Compliance: The new California Proposition 65 Warning Regulations

Eva Hink and Marcos Medalla provide you an update on the new warning label changes that have become effective on August 30th, 2018 and show you how to keep your company in compliance.



iPoint Compliance: Material Compliance Using SAP Just Got a Lot Easier

Mohammad Javed Akram, IT Lead for Sustainability at Becton Dickson and Hans-Karl Rath, VP Operations at iPoint-systems show you how the Compliance Cockpit for SAP makes material compliance more efficient and cost effective. Learn how you can reduce the huge amount of working efforts by automating the steps in the compliance process and benefit from a minimum of 50% time saving.


Mit Product Compliance Mehrwert für Ihr Unternehmen schaffen

In diesem Video zeigen wir Ihnen wie es der Rosenberger Gruppe gelingt aus den Compliance Anforderungen für über 12.000 Endprodukte einen strategischen Wettbewerbsvorteil zu generieren und seinen Marktanteil global zu steigern.

Erfahren Sie:

  • Wie Sie Ihr Management für das Themenfeld Compliance und Nachhaltigkeit sensibilisieren

  • Wie Sie Product Compliance und Nachhaltigkeit in der Unternehmensstrategie verankern

  • Wie Sie rechtlichen Anforderungen in Wettbewerbsvorteile verwandeln

  • Wie  Sie Risiken minimieren und Ihre Markenreputation sichern


iPoint Product Sustainability: Automated LCA – reach the next level with automated data integration from different sources

Aggregating and assessing the relevant data throughout the entire product life cycle for an LCA is an enormous task. What is needed is an easy-to-use, automatized process for LCA calculation which takes into account the entire product life cycle, from the design phase to the use phase to the recycling and reuse phase.


iPoint Compliance: Fast Tracking Your Material Compliance Data Collection Program

Learn how to get data on material compliance faster! As the landscape for materials compliance programs continues to change, companies are seeking innovative methods to increase the speed in which they get data from their suppliers. iPoint-systems and IHS Markit present proven business strategies for increasing quality, quantity and overall speed of data collection.


iPoint Conflict Minerals: Die Konfliktmineralienverordnung der EU

Seit 2013 arbeitet die Europäische Union an einem eigenen Konfliktmineraliengesetz. Die endgültige Annahme der EU-Verordnung wird Mitte Mai 2017 erwartet, am 01.01.2021 tritt sie in Kraft. In welchen Punkten unterscheidet sich das EU-Gesetz vom amerikanischen Pendant, dem Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502? Wo gibt es Überschneidungen? Und welche europäischen Unternehmen sind von dem EU-Gesetz betroffen? Mit diesen und anderen Fragen befasst sich Sebastian Galindo, Compliance Experte bei iPoint-systems gmbh.