Integrated Software Solutions for Product Compliance and Sustainability

iPoint – your door opener to the circular economy

Integrated Solutions for all phases of the Product Life Cycle: international regulations and requirements (Design for Environment, ELV, IMDS, CAMDS, REACH, RoHS, CE, WEEE, CSR, Conflict Minerals, Life Cycle Assessment, RRR, etc.)

Our Product Compliance and Sustainability Solutions


Integration is key to the success of any business operation. Likewise, the effectiveness and efficiency of software solutions for product compliance and sustainability are critically dependent on data/process integration across the entire product life cycle.


iPoint – your door opener to the circular economy

As specialists in software integration, we have been offering our customers this added value of comprehensive integration capability since 2001. With compliance & sustainability solutions and services tailored to your needs, iPoint is your key to integration and, therefore, your door opener to the circular economy.


The goal: a sustainable product

iPoint’s integration programs support the company-internal and cross-company exchange of data and information. The goal: a sustainable and compliant product based on the focused interaction of a sustainable value creation network.


Proven compliance & sustainability software solutions and services

Our proven software solutions and services will help you master the essential process steps: communication and data collection, data preparation/analysis/evaluation as well as the corresponding functionalities for high quality reporting to stakeholders and relevant regulatory authorities.

Automated and flexible

The tried-and-tested basis of our integrated solutions is the flexible iPoint Business Process Management platform in combination with the multi-agent environment, the iPoint Value Chain Agent. Since 2001 it has played a leading role in the communication between manufacturers and suppliers. Used in appropriate cloud or hybrid cloud architectures, the platform guarantees efficient end-to-end service environments to ensure that product compliance and sustainability standards are met.

The strength of the iPoint Value Chain Agent


It serves entire supply chains and value creation networks – in different industries and areas such as quality, logistics, distribution, or environmental compliance and sustainability.


The Value Chain Agent has long become the standard integration tool for communication between suppliers and OEMs in the automotive industry. As in other industries, the market dynamics demand a high degree of flexibility.



  • Automated data collection

  • Optimized and bi-directional e-business processes

  • Increased process efficiency in supply networks

  • Integration of heterogeneous data sources

  • SAP QM integration

  • Time-saving and high reliability

  • Significant reduction of penalty costs

  • Optimized processes across entire divisions

  • Data exchange in real-time enables highly flexible response to the needs of OEMs

  • iPoint-agent technology enables automatic, timely and convenient integration of these data into your own systems and processes

  • Automation brings significant time and cost savings

  • Resources can be used more efficiently

Create value with comprehensive integration

What use is the best software if it cannot be perfectly integrated into a company's existing IT or their cloud architecture? Our project-accompanying support services make sure that the iPoint solutions fit perfectly into all kinds of environments and adapt to any future extension – from in-house to cloud, hybrid cloud and beyond.


Our approach: Individual integration concepts

To achieve this, our specialists work alongside the contacts at your company to draw up requirements analyses and to adapt existing concepts to the individual requirements.


Only then do they implement the software into the desired environment – a successful, extremely efficient approach that has proved its worth in numerous customer projects.


Integration creates value

And this is where integration really starts to create value: With such a sound foundation, our software solutions and services enable you to integrate your strategy for sustainable products into your long-term business objectives. Ensure quality compliance, minimize regulatory risks, design and create products with future use and re-use in a Circular Economy.

A selection from iPoint's integration portfolio

Integrate heterogeneous data sources, formats, standards, systems, platforms, services, stakeholders.

Integration of international standards

· IPC-1752
· IPC-1755
· IEC 62474
· ...


Data integration: Integration of heterogeneous data sources and formats

· Product-related
· Supplier-related
· Compliance-relevant
· Regulation-relevant
· Reporting-relevant
· Audit-relevant
· ...


Process integration

· Life cycle
· Product development
· Product release process
· Toxicology process
· ...


System integration

· Application integration (software integration)
· ERP integration (SAP, …)
· PDM/PLM integration
· LCA integration
· ...


Technical integration

· Hardware integration
· Infrastructure
· ...


Architecture integration

· Cloud integration (public cloud, private cloud)
· In-house
· Platform
· ...


Service integration

· Data management
· Supplier management
· ...


Stakeholder integration

· Customers
· Suppliers
· Employees
· Shareholders
· Institutions
· Public
· ...


Supply Chain integration

· Data collection from the entire supply chain
· Free access for your suppliers
· The platform solution for multiple compliance and sustainability requirements e.g. REACH, RoHS, LCA,...

> The iPoint SustainHub


Our integrated compliance and sustainability software solutions

Our comprehensive integration and data management solutions enable you to comply with various international and national regulations as well as to meet your further sustainability goals and ensure quality compliance with customer requirements. Learn more about our solutions in this selection of current challenges:

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