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e-book: From Compliance to Sustainability

Starting with material compliance, we explore the entire material life cycle and the connections between corporate sustainability goals, circular economy, and digital technology.






Cobalt Due Diligence

How to effectively manage requests from customers for cobalt due diligence data.






FAQ: The Echa SCIP Database

We have received a lot of questions on the upcoming SCIP Database. Here are the answers on the TOP 40 frequently asked questions.






Compliance Reporting for Electronics

Chemical compliance reporting for electronics or products – Full details on electronic assemblies now required by the Automotive Industry and new reporting requirement for electronic products driven by the EU SCIP database.






iPoint Sustainability & Compliance Trends Survey 2019: What challenges did companies face?

Was compliance or sustainability perceived as more important? How did spending on these issues develop? And how can digitalization contribute to this?






SCIP Database Insights - Are you ready for SCIP reporting?

Be prepared for the upcoming challenges of the SCIP database






The EU regulation of Medical Devices: Is your supply chain ready to tackle the new requirements in 2020?

Get prepared for the 7 major changes in Medical Device Regulation.






15 Facts about the Conflict Minerals Regulation of the EU that you should know

On May 19, 2017, EU Conflict Minerals Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The new Regulation will take effect on January 1, 2021. This FAQ document outlines key elements of the new law.






A Business Case for Conflict Minerals Compliance Software Automation

Learn how the benefits that reside in leveraging software automation for Conflict Minerals compliance heavily outweigh the initial costs.






ebook: Circular Economy & Sustainable Supply Chains

Get an overview of the latest developments in relation to the Circular Economy and sustainable supply chains.


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REACH: What kinds of substances are in your materials?

How do you make your products fit for the future? Eight answers you should know.