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Our Environmental, Health & Safety Solution

The iPoint EHS software offers you a comprehensive solution for Legal Compliance, Environmental Management, Occupational & Plant Safety and Hazardous Materials Management.

iPoint's EHS software solution supports your company's technical departments in their day-to-day work by helping to track their obligations, deadlines and measures, document normal operation, and compile reports for agencies, auditors and the public at large.

Benefits your business
Environmental Health Safety Software Benefit

Better risk management and increased productivity

iPoint EHS helps you operate your facilities without unpredictable legal risks and in compliance with all licenses and permits.

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Get the full picture and improve operational efficiency

iPoint EHS clearly highlights all the obligations your company must meet and whether you have done so.

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Benefits all company levels

iPoint EHS is of equal use and benefit to the managers, technical departments and shop-floor workers at your plant and delivers a rapid return on investment for your company.

Key Features & Functions

Environmental Management

  • Comprehensive assistance to organize your environmental management system

  • Generate and track obligations laid down in statutory regulations

  • Provide you with all necessary plant, material, and measurement data

Legal Compliance

  • Support you need for everything from applying for licenses and permits through defining secondary regulations and responsibilities

  • Providing proof of how statutory and regulatory obligations are fulfilled in your company.

Occupational & Plant safety

  • Continuously monitor the protection and safety of your employees, your work areas, and plant 

  • Perform your tasks efficiently

  • Document your company's sites and your stocks of plant and equipment

  • Precisely describe the technical details, such as design data

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