Material Compliance app

Ensure Compliance with REACH & RoHS

Collect, aggregate, exchange, and report information for REACH, RoHS, and other substance regulations (e.g., Calif. Prop. 65, EU Batteries Directive)


The Material Compliance app - Winner of the 2017 Verdantix EH&S Innovation Award

The Material Compliance app supports you in collecting, aggregating, exchanging, and reporting REACH and RoHS-relevant information in your supply chain. Proven processes and efficient data management features help you automate many of the tasks and enables you to manage all your material compliance challenges in one place.


Confirm compliance including exemption selection

The simplest way for the supplier is providing a compliance statement according to IPC1752 class a including attached certificates.

The MC app guides the user through a 5 step process from reviewing the request over making the statements per regulation and entering contact details as well as attaching supporting documents before the answer can get finally reviewed and submitted to the customer.


Declare a product down to substance level including multi-edit support

Providing a Product Material Declaration or even a Full Material Declaration reduces further efforts on both ends when regulations are changing because no further certificates needs to get requested or even provided every time.

You can either import an existing IPC file or reuse already created data within the Material Complaince application.

In addition we provide you a substance highlighting, exemption assignment as well as declaring multiple products in one step.

Material Compliance – Premium

Go premium and benefit from even more features and functionalities.



  • Get an easy overview about current status of sent requests



  • Request Product Material Declarations or Full Material Declarations from own supply chain

  • Request compliance statements for specific regulations

  • Request additional supporting documents in specific languages

  • Attach additional part related questionnaires to request


Response Management

  • Review and either accept or reject supplier response.



  • Provide individual surveys to your suppliers to collect additional information e.g. about transportation or waste from the supplier depending on the requested product.

  • Use out-of the-box survey templates or create your own specific to your needs



Environmental Health Safety Software Benefit


  • Use only one solution for the entire supply chain

  • Request and report information for REACH, RoHS, and other substance regulations


  • Reuse existing declarations for new requests

  • Upload and manage attachments where needed


  • Supports standards like IPC-1752a

  • Supports various declaration types like partial and full material declarations as well as a simple compliance confirmation






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