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When it comes to external and in-house occupational safety requirements, it’s vital that companies keep up to speed at all times – no mean task in view of the complexity and dynamics of the requirements landscape. Furthermore, appropriate business processes designed to prevent work accidents and to protect employees against substances and work equipment hazardous to health must be guaranteed and verified.


The challenge - collecting and documenting information 

However, these processes are frequently not clearly defined, are inconsistent or controlled decentrally within companies, making the job of documenting everything more difficult. Add to this the daily task of updating a catalogue of all products and chemicals used. This is just as big a challenge as the task of collecting relevant information and documents (Safety Data Sheets, material declarations, etc.) in various languages along the supply chain and of storing, managing and making this data and these documents available in-house. The more requirements, departments, employees, and suppliers involved, the more complex these processes are.


Automate business processes and workflows

iPoint’s Product Review Process (PRP) solution is a tool that can be employed to standardize, automate, monitor, and document your business processes and workflows of relevance to occupational safety.

Product Review Process Benefits


✔ Mapping of the entire workflow, making it both auditable and ISO-compliant

✔ Company-wide access to the latest valid information and associated documentation of products, materials and equipment (e.g. SDSs)

✔ Automated requesting of relevant information from your supply chain, including reminder and escalation options

Product Review Process Features


  • Suppliers use iPoint’s Supplier Entry Portal (SEP) to guarantee reliable and secure input and management of information requested (e.g. SDSs, declarations of conformity, etc.)

  • Setting-up of role-specific access points to confidential supplier information in order to guarantee data protection

  • Analysis and reporting of the entire product inventory

  • Integration in PDM/ERP systems

Product Review Process Functionalities


  • Automatic notification when relevant laws, rules and standards are amended (e.g. REACH, GHS/CLP)

  • Drawing-up of in-house, company-specific compliance rules and checks

  • Centralized control, monitoring and documenting of the workflows, with flexible adaptation of the processes to your own particular organizational structures

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What is Product Review Process?


Companies are legally bound to protect their employees against risks to their health and safety while they go about their work. The rules, regulations, standards, and reporting obligations applicable around the globe with regard to occupational safety are subject to constant change as well as country- and company-specific peculiarities.


Non-compliance with occupational safety requirements can result in heavy fines and even imprisonment. Non-compliance in this area can also lead to significant harm to a company’s image due to the huge amount of media attention this can attract.