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20,000 companies using iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform

The software specialist iPoint-systems has reached another important milestone:

On November 4th, the 20,000th company registered as a user of the iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform (iPCMP). “With this, iPoint have consolidated their position as the market leader for software and services in the field of Conflict Minerals reporting,” Joerg Walden, CEO of iPoint-systems, proudly explains. The iPCMP was launched in September 2012 and has since established itself as the cross-industry solution when it comes to complying with the legal requirements surrounding Conflict Minerals.

A glance at iPoint’s list of customers shows that companies from various industries all over the world are dealing with the issue of Conflict Minerals: Manufacturers and suppliers from 76 countries, a wide range of industries, and companies of various sizes rely on the iPCMP. Among others, the automotive, electronics, aerospace, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, textile and clothing industries are represented, including companies with less than 50 employees as well as companies with several thousand employees, for whom iPoint offers suitable licenses depending on the company’s size and reporting requirements.

Since the adoption of the final Conflict Minerals rule by the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC in August 2012, publicly listed US companies are obligated to submit annual reports disclosing the use of Conflict Minerals in their products. This also affects non-American companies working within the supply chain of a listed US company.

With the launch of the iPCMP in September 2012, iPoint was the first to offer a fully developed solution for Conflict Minerals reporting. Currently, this on-demand cross-industry software solution is designed for compliance with the US Conflict Minerals legislation. However, due to its adaptability, the iPCMP can easily be tailored to support companies affected by new or similar regulations like the European Conflict Minerals regulation which is expected to be passed in 2015.

For over a decade, iPoint’s software solutions have been supporting customers in complying with various regulations and directives subject to constant change and country- or state-specific implementation provisions (e.g. RoHS, REACH).

Visit the iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform here: www.conflict-minerals.com