Carbon Neutral Vehicles & LCA Virtual Congress 2022
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Carbon Neutral Vehicles & LCA Virtual Congress 2022

iPoint is sponsor and presenter

Meet iPoint from January 19-21 at the Carbon Neutral Vehicles & LCA Virtual Congress 2022. Hosted by American Business Conferences and their sister company London Business Conferences Group, the event aims to provide practical solutions for strategic, tactical, and technical challenges to almost 10.000 automotive experts. The three-day online-event focuses on calculating carbon emissions to achieve net zero by 2040/50, and on handling end of life for materials & batteries.

Each day will be focusing on a specific aspect:

  • Day 1: Identifying the roadmap on how to get to net zero – Accounting for Co2 Emissions Throughout the Entire Vehicle Life Cycle & Supply Chain
  • Day 2: Cost effectively make the shift to more sustainable & recyclable raw materials – Evaluate the Carbon Neutral Future of Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium, Plastics, Composites & Biodegradable Materials
  • Day 3: Cost effective solutions to handle B.E.V. battery end of life at high volumes – Assess Commercially Viable Pathways for Scaling Up Battery Recycling & Reuse

Our colleagues Martina Prox and Dr. Bing Xu will be presenting on the topic “Digital Product Passports for Carbon Transparency” at this iPoint-sponsered event. This will include a presentation of the Catena-X Automotive Network, the newly-established alliance for secure and standardized data exchange in the automotive industry.

For more information, visit the event website.