Case Study: CircularTree’s CarbonBlock
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Case Study: CircularTree’s CarbonBlock

Recently, the global corporate innovation platform Plug and Play released a case study on the success of CircularTree’s Carbon Tracking pilot project – CarbonBlock – together with high-performance automotive manufacturer Porsche, multinational chemical company BASF, and automotive supplier Motherson.

The Case Study “How a startup disrupted an entire mobility value chain with digital CO2 tracking” shows how a blockchain-powered data platform can reduce the carbon footprint of companies by enabling the exchange of reliable and complex data. Representing a simple automotive supply chain, the three corporate partners Porsche, BASF, and Motherson embarked on a pilot project with the startup CircularTree (Member of iPoint Group) to measure and manage carbon footprints of an automotive part (a Porsche Taycan bumper) using smart contracts.


Read the case study to learn everything about the project and the background for the collaboration between CircularTree and BASF, Motherson, and Porsche. The case study also contains a detailed timeline of the joint venture displaying the whole process from CircularTree’s first participation in Program 7 at STARTUP AUTOBAHN in 2019 until the cross-collaboration project at STARTUP AUTOBAHN 8 in 2020, where CircularTree, BASF, Motherson and Porsche won the Plug and Play Global Innovation Award.


Watch the full video of the case study here.


Learn more about the carbon tracking pilot project on the CarbonBlock website.

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