DigiTain project meeting in Dresden
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DigiTain project meeting in Dresden

The research & innovation project for fully digital product development of sustainable electric drive architectures is in high gear

On 6 July, a total of 100 committed participants met in Dresden at the project partner, the Institute for Lightweight Construction and Plastics Technology (ILK) at the Technical University of Dresden. Their goal was to discuss the progress of the various work packages and to reflect on the milestones already achieved together with the responsible project managers from DigiTain.

In addition, the days surrounding the project meeting offered the project partners the valuable opportunity to conduct higher-level coordination and intensive discussions in a workshop. Here, not only the ongoing research work and interfaces were examined in detail, but also the next steps were carefully planned. This productive collaboration paves the way for exciting interim results that can be eagerly awaited when the DigiTain consortium gathers for the next project meeting at the Fraunhofer Institutes EMI and IWM in Freiburg in January 2024.

iPoint is leading the sustainability work package at DigiTain, in which the sustainability-oriented product development process (NEP) is being developed as a generic framework. Methods and tools are to be found that enable a semantic description of sustainability interrelationships and the integration of the necessary information flows. In this context, iPoint is developing generic, digital life cycle assessment (LCA) models and concepts that enable the creation of digital product passports at the overall vehicle level. In addition, a prototype for a digital battery passport at the component level is being developed, as well as the ecological assessment of various scenarios along the NEP.