Global Goals Yearbook 2018 Published
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Global Goals Yearbook 2018 Published

iPoint contributes article on the Digital Circular Economy

With more than 400,000 readers all over the world, the recently-released Global Goals Yearbook 2018 is one of the most widely distributed Sustainability & CSR publications. This year’s main focus lies on new forms of partnerships for achieving the Global Goals, aka Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Yearbook includes contributions from academic and business experts, the World Bank, and the Club of Rome, as well as UN entities, among them UNDP, UNSSC, UNOPS, UN JIU, and UN DESA. Corresponding to the idea of learning from role models, the Global Goals Yearbook 2018 includes 39 good practices of corporate participants that showcase different approaches to the implementation of the SDGs.


We’re very excited to announce that iPoint is among these 39 good practices with a contribution on “The Digital Revolution of the Circular Economy”. You can read the article by iPoint here.

The entire yearbook is available here.



About the Global Goals Yearbook:

The Global Goals Yearbook is a publication in support of the SDGs and the advancement of corporate sustainability globally. It offers proactive and in-depth information on key sustainability issues and promotes unique and comprehensive knowledge-exchange and learning in the spirit of the SDGs and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. The Global Goals Yearbook helps to advance corporate transparency, promotes the sharing of good business practices, and, perhaps most significantly, gives a strong voice to the regional and global stakeholders that are at the heart of the sustainability agenda.