Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2023
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Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2023

Conference and exhibition on electronics and the environment, iPoint is speaker

The Going Green event takes place in Vienna from 8 to 11 May and presents the latest advances in sustainable development and the development of eco-efficient electrical and automotive products. This includes the latest developments in the circular economy, eco-design, clean production, resource efficiency, etc. Leading green electr(on)ic companies and institutions will present their innovative products, processes, and services at the fair.

That's why we are particularly excited that some of our iPoint colleagues will be there to give inspiring talks.

Our colleague Britta Schwartze will give a presentation together with Logitech on „Leasing and Refurbishment of Electronics: A Sustainable Business Model? Two LCA case studies of consumer electronics“.

Furthermore, our colleague Frauke Hänel will speak on two topics:

  • Proof of concept for traceability of recycled gold using a blockchain-based digital product passport (DPP)
  • Data exchange platform for a green, detectable and directly recyclable lithium-ion battery

iPoint will also be present as an exhibitor with a booth. Our colleague Kirill Katschura is looking forward to interesting discussions at the iPoint booth and will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

For more information, please visit the event website: https://tinyurl.com/mvftuxbp