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International Reporting 3.0 Conference 2019 in Rotterdam


Meet us on June 17 and 18 in Rotterdam at the 6th International Reporting 3.0 Conference hosted by the Reporting 3.0 Platform. The platform curates gatherings to nurture community-building and enable collaboration among different stakeholders through a diverse range of events.

This year’s conference will focus on ‘Implementing Thriveable Transformation’. Therefore, most of the content will be showcased by the participants.

We’re delighted that Joerg Walden, CEO and founder of iPoint systems, will give a sponsor speech at the beginning of the conference. Furthermore, Joerg Walden and our iPoint Group colleagues Martina Prox and Maroye Marinkovic will host a campfire session in the afternoon on June 18. Join us to learn about how we can work together towards transparency.

For further information, visit the Reporting 3.0 event website.