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iPoint publishes Circular Economy e-book

Statutory regulations and political initiatives in relation to the Circular Economy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), REACH, and further requirements concerning the sustainability of products and supply chains pose challenging tasks and obligations for companies.

iPoint’s new e-book Circular Economy & Sustainable Supply Chains – Regulatory Requirements and Compliance provides a compact, well-founded overview of the latest legal, social, and technological developments in relation to the Circular Economy, product compliance, and sustainable supply chains.

The first section focuses on the challenges companies currently face with respect to the Circular Economy and Product Lifecycle Management, and the resulting opportunities. The second section discusses key aspects of the subject matter in greater depth on the basis of six select presentations that were given at the 4th iPoint "Conflict Minerals & Sustainable Supply Chain" symposium held on November 10, 2016, in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany:

  • Sustainable Sourcing and Environmental Product Compliance: Background and Legal Aspects (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ellinghaus LL.M., Baker & McKenzie)

  • eLRT – electronic Labor Rights Template: Official Launch (Dr. Chris N. Bayer, Development International, & Dr. Katie Böhme, iPoint-systems)

  • CSR Data Collection Along the Supply Chain – Lessons Learned (Frank Richter, mentorichter)

  • REACH Compliance by Means of Materials-based Risk Assessment of Articles (Jochen Dettke, DEKRA)

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management – Generating Added Value for the Company Rather than more Questionnaires and Reports (André Podleisek, Schindler Management AG)

  • Sustainable Product Management in a Circular Economy (Prof. Dr. Rupert Baumgartner, University of Graz )

Download your complimentary copy of our new e-book here.