iPoint receives “Smart Innovator Badge” from Verdantix
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iPoint receives “Smart Innovator Badge” from Verdantix

We are proud to announce that iPoint has been awarded the “Smart Innovator Badge” in the category “Corporate ESG & Sustainability Software” by the independent market research firm Verdantix. This designation is based on a recently published study in which Verdantix identified 44 software vendors – including iPoint – with a high-level benchmark of the capabilities for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and sustainability management.

As increasing investor interest in ESG metrics and financially material sustainability information is currently changing the landscape for business disclosures, risk, and performance management, Verdantix has committed to produce a portfolio of studies covering customer demand for ESG products and services, competitive benchmarks, and market size and forecast studies. One of the proven methodologies is the Smart Innovators research, a “Qualitative analysis of an emerging group of suppliers, providing a definition of the market, categorization of suppliers, and explanation of customer needs.”

To support ESG and sustainability leaders create their roadmaps for future technology adoption, Verdantix analyzes “the evolving landscape of technology solutions for ESG and sustainability data and identifies the areas with the greatest need for innovation and development” as part of its “Smart Innovators: Corporate ESG & Sustainability Software” study. The researchers determined three example product stewardship systems that allow LCA analysis and new product development. As one of these vendors, the study highlights that “iPoint works with over 50,000 customers globally to deliver capabilities including LCA analysis, Design for the Environment (DfE) and circular economy project management“.

Learn more about the Verdantix study “Smart Innovators: Corporate ESG & Sustainability Software” here and download the study here.

Read Verdantix’ detailed report “iPoint Guides Firms On The Journey From Product Compliance To Sustainability” here.

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