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iPoint Releases Framework of Human Trafficking and Slavery Laws for Private Sector

The transnational framework investigates fifteen laws on the books of the USA, the EU, and the UK that provide a legal basis in these three jurisdictions for regulating corporate action vis-a-vis human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Seven of these laws have direct bearing on corporate legal liability and “challenge companies to control for slavery-like conditions in their supply and provision chains,” observes Dr. Chris Bayer, the author of the framework. “The design of anti-slavery programs in line with corporate liabilities is one thing. Mobilizing entire supply chains to implement required systems is the much more formidable task.”

The publication of this framework is iPoint’s first step in meeting the new challenge head-on. The next step is to make public an open-access anti-slavery reporting template that businesses may use for their supply chain reporting needs. The template, along with the framework, will be available for download on the website www.elrt.org.