iPoint Sustainability and Compliance Trends Study 2022
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iPoint Sustainability and Compliance Trends Study 2022

A study by iPoint with the support of the Christian Doppler Laboratory.

The Sustainability and Compliance Trends Study by iPoint is the world's largest study in this field and is already being published for the fifth time. Since 2018, we have been monitoring the development of compliance and sustainability trends around the globe. Once again, numerous experts from various industries participated in this year's study and provided valuable insights into how these topics are perceived from a company's perspective.

One of the five most important findings is the particularly high importance of sustainability and CO2 reduction targets in Asia. 74% of Asian companies attach the highest importance to sustainability.

Furthermore, it was found that spending on compliance and sustainability is increasing significantly. In particular, spending on software and digitalization is continuously increasing, while spending on human resources is continuously decreasing.

Another result of the study is that only a slight majority of the companies surveyed have targets for reducing CO2 emissions. Here, large and medium-sized companies set the trend.

If you would like to learn more about this and two other important results of the study, you can download the study here: https://ipoint.typeform.com/to/wzpELihY