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iPoint’s Christmas donation 2016

iPoint-systems already has a long-standing tradition of using the holiday season as an opportunity to provide financial support to charitable organizations. As in the previous years, the compliance and sustainability expert has once again dispensed with Christmas gifts for customers and partners, instead sponsoring different charitable organizations. This year, iPoint has made donations to three organizations based in the USA and Germany: AnnieCannons, Inc., Anna e.V., and Bruderhaus Diakonie. iPoint relies on customers’ and partners’ compassion and understanding, particularly due to the social, charitable cause all three organizations have committed themselves to.

AnnieCannons, Inc.

San Francisco-based AnnieCannons, Inc., is dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking break the cycle of trafficking by earning for themselves. AnnieCannons’ three-part approach includes 1) training survivors of human trafficking in today’s most lucrative skills – computer programming, coding, and other in-demand technology skills – to achieve economic independence, 2) designing products to fight trafficking and empower less privileged groups, and 3) fostering leaders to prevent trafficking and launch new careers.

Anna e.V.

Anna e.V., a registered association based in Aich, southern Germany, is committed to supporting children with cancer. The association provides art therapy and regular riding lessons for children suffering from cancer as well as their siblings, and offers family members and other affected people a space and network for exchanging experiences among like-minded people.


The charitable foundation “BruderhausDiakonie” was established in the 19th century by Gustav Werner in Reutlingen, Germany. Focusing on 15 towns and districts in the region, the Christian-diaconal organization provides many and varied assistance and support services for young, underprivileged people, people with disabilities and mental illnesses, and care of and advice for the elderly.