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iPoint's Christmas Donation 2017

iPoint-systems already has a long-standing tradition of using the holiday season as an opportunity to provide financial support to non-profit and charitable organizations. As in the previous years, the compliance and sustainability expert has once again dispensed with Christmas gifts or cards for customers and partners, instead sponsoring different organizations and projects. This year, iPoint has made donations to the disability charity "Behinderten-Förderung-Linsenhofen e.V.", to the German branch of the charity Joint Aid Management (JAM) International, and to Wikipedia.

Behinderten-Förderung-Linsenhofen e. V.

The Behinderten-Förderung-Linsenhofen e. V. (BFL) is one of the oldest institutions for people with disabilities in Esslingen, a district in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Southern Germany. At two locations – Linsenhofen and Oberboihingen – it offers approximately 230 people with disabilities a living and working environment as well as various leisure activities. iPoint's donation to BFL is part of the Christmas campaign "Cycling for Charity". The event was initiated by the charity Rad-Engel e. V. (Bicycle angels) and took place in December 2017 at the premises of the local sports club N20 in Nuertingen. Supporters of this campaign had the opportunity to ride spinning bikes and thus donate one Euro per minute to the BFL. In the end, the fair sum of 2,355 Euros was raised through the campaign, which the disability charity intends to use to support various leisure activities.


JAM Deutschland e. V.

JAM Deutschland is a Christian-humanitarian development organization based in Stuttgart in Southern Germany. The organization aims to support Africa's development into an economically healthy, independent region. JAM's work focuses on helping children and their families to help themselves through nutritional feeding at schools, the building of water wells, agricultural development, and the rebuilding and reconstruction of existing nurseries. JAM Deutschland was founded in 2002 and is part of the organization JAM International, which was established in 1984. The African-founded Christian international humanitarian relief and development organisation has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. The tireless commitment of Rudolf Rampf, an entrepreneur based in the the town of Grafenberg near the iPoint headquarters, to providing school meals and clean water in Angola has prompted iPoint to make this donation, which supports two projects in this South African state.


Who doesn’t know and use it – the online encyclopedia Wikipedia? It is the only top ten website run by a non-profit organization and a global community of volunteers. iPoint's donation goes to the non-profit charitable organization Wikimedia Foundation, which supports this community of volunteers to continue to provide more and better information in all languages for all people, free of cost and advertising.