Live webcast: ROHS and REACH for medical devices
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Live webcast: ROHS and REACH for medical devices

Our colleague Eva Hink-Lemke is speaker of a training session

On 25 July, the Forum Institute will host a live webcast entitled "ROHS and REACH for medical devices". This webcast will provide you with an introduction to the importance of RoHS and REACH but also ElektroStoffV. After the webcast, you will be informed about the current requirements of these laws for medical devices and have the opportunity to update or expand your existing knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to attend further training courses.

We are particularly excited that our compliance expert, Eva Hink-Lemke, will be participating in the webcast and will be a speaker at one of the training sessions.

If you are also interested in ROHS, REACH, or ElektroStoffV and would like to gain a basic understanding of these regulations and how they interact, you can register here: (German)