Logitech to Provide Carbon Impact Labeling on Products
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Logitech to Provide Carbon Impact Labeling on Products

As the first consumer electronics company, the Swiss computer manufacturer Logitech has pledged to provide detailed carbon impact labelling on their entire portfolio by 2025. The first carbon impact labels are to appear on Logitech’s gaming products by late 2020.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of input and interface devices for personal computers and other digital products, Logitech is aware of its environmental responsibility. "Logitech looks to build for the next generation, we are weighing our responsibility in creating sustainable, ethical and useful products. Adding carbon transparent labeling to our packaging is yet another step toward this goal," states Logitech’s Chief Design Officer, Alastair Curtis.

These labels support the product development by using the quantified Carbon Footprint of each product to gain new insights which later can be incorporated into the ecodesign of next generation products. Additionally, Logitech intends to empower environmentally conscious customers to make better informed purchasing choices. In the long run, Logitech hopes to encourage other companies to lower their impact of carbon on the environment following their example.

We are proud to be one of Logitech’s partners supporting this strategy and “we look forward to continuing to work with Logitech on calculating and analyzing the carbon footprint of their product portfolio,” our sustainability strategist Martina Prox from the ifu Institute for Environmental IT Hamburg (Member of iPoint Group) emphasizes in Logitech’s official press release.

Read Logitech’s full press release here.

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