Planet under Pressure – Global Goals Yearbook 2020
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Planet under Pressure – Global Goals Yearbook 2020

iPoint contributes article on Blockchain research project DIBICHAIN

Recently, the Global Goals Yearbook 2020 was released – a publication in support of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the global advancement of corporate sustainability. The year 2020 not only marks the beginning of the decade of sustainability, it is also the year in which the world has been and continues to be severely challenged by the COVID 19 pandemic and its consequences. Therefore, this year's issue also discusses many questions about these additional challenges and clearly shows that, despite the crisis, each of us must make a contribution to promoting sustainability.


In line with the idea of learning from role models, the Global Goals Yearbook 2020 offers examples of good practice, positions, and opinions from companies and civil society participants. We are very pleased that iPoint is one of the good practices presented in the publication. The iPoint article on "DIBICHAIN: Transparent Material Cycles with Blockchain" explains how companies using digital technologies are working to advance the resource-saving economic model of the Circular Economy and meet its challenges. To this end, iPoint is cooperating with industrial partners - Altran Germany, Blockchain Research Lab, CHAINSTEP, and Airbus - in the DIBICHAIN research project to investigate how blockchain technology can be applied to the Circular Economy in concrete terms. The main goal is to examine the potential of the Blockchain technology for the digital representation of product cycles by means of a software demonstration – especially regarding decentralization, reliability, and counterfeit protection.

You can download the full article on DIBICHAIN here.

Download the complete Global Compact Yearbook 2020 here.


Learn more about the DIBICHAIN project here.