SPINUP Innovation Summit 2020
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SPINUP Innovation Summit 2020

Meet iPoint at the 2020 SPINUP Innovation Summit from May 18-22 – an open and virtual innovation summit focused on enabling the circular economy. The event is hosted by SPINUP, an initiative with the mission to speed up the global transition towards a circular economy.

Join the summit to see circular economy ambassadors from all over the world sharing their insights, showcase their latest projects and inspire with the latest circular economy trends, innovation, and transformation. The event is free – for attendees and speakers.

We are excited that iPoint CEO Joerg Walden will be presenting on the topic of “Digitalization as an Enabler of the Circular Economy” on May 20. The presentation will focus on ongoing projects with industry partners from several sectors, detailing how game-changing technologies like blockchain can be turned into a value-creating and trust-increasing business reality and utilized to unleash the full potential of the digital circular economy.

Our Sustainability Strategist Martina Prox from the ifu Institute for Environmental IT Hamburg (Member of iPoint Group), will give a talk on “Transparency Requirements For A Sustainable Circular Economy”. In her presentation she will highlight how a holistic, circular approach enables a continuous, digital lifecycle management process that supports not only compliance with legislation, but also the sustainability of products, value chains, and brands, thus advancing businesses transparency in supply chains across operations, products, and processes.

Learn more about the SPINUP Innovation Summit here.

In case you missed the live sessions, you can watch the recordings on our YouTube-Channel right here:

Joerg Walden: Digitalization As An Enabler Of The Circular Economy

Martina Prox: Transparency Requirements For A Sustainable Circular Economy