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On February 13th, CircularTree (Member of iPoint Group) will be at the 7th STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO Day in Stuttgart – an invite- and application-only conference that connects thousands of curious, open, and engaged entrepreneurs, leading companies, investors, and high-level politicians.

With more than 1,200 attendees from the business, founding, investor, political, and media world, as well as 100 international speakers (including startups and industry masterminds), the conference will explore Open Innovation and Tech in the fields of Future of Mobility, Production, and Enterprise, as well as promising ideas for business and our planet. In collaboration with 27 corporate partners, the invited startups will showcase the results of 100 days of working on 55+ pilot projects.

We’re excited to announce that CircularTree – represented by CEO Gunther Walden – is one of the chosen startups (category Enterprise 2.0) showcasing their "SustainBlock" pilot project at this year’s Expo Day.

Learn more about the event here.

About the Startup Autobahn:

Startup Autobahn is a joint project of Daimler AG, the University of Stuttgart, the Startup Accelerator and Investors Plug and Play and the research campus ARENA2036. As an innovation platform Startup Autobahn connects startups of all development stages with industry-leading corporate partners to pilot their technology. The Startup Autobahn program itself is divided into three phases: The first one is the scouting phase including the Selection Day at the end, the second one is the 100 day pilot phase with the Expo Day as the closing event and last but not least the Go real! Phase where it will be decided whether there will be an implementation into products or the production, services investments, or cooperation contracts.

Learn more about the Startup Autobahn here.