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On September 23 and 24, 2020, CircularTree (Member of iPoint Group) will be at the 8th STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO Day powered by Plug and Play. The virtual expo will be all about open innovation, projects, and collaborations that happened during the past few months – the most challenging program of the STARTUP AUTOBAHN so far.

Having already been part of the STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO 7 this February, CircularTree is one of the 11 alumni Startups to present a new project at the EXPO 8. We can’t share the details of our pilot just yet, but we cordially invite you to visit the EXPO where we’ll be presenting our work together with our partners.

Curious to see our and other sustainable innovations of STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO 8? Apply for a ticket here.

Check out this video for a preview of some of the tech topics that will be in the spotlight on September 23 & 24.

About the Startup Autobahn:

Startup Autobahn is a joint project of Daimler AG, the University of Stuttgart, the Startup Accelerator and Investors Plug and Play and the research campus ARENA2036. As an innovation platform Startup Autobahn connects startups of all development stages with industry-leading corporate partners to pilot their technology. The Startup Autobahn program itself is divided into three phases: The first one is the scouting phase including the Selection Day at the end, the second one is the 100 day pilot phase with the Expo Day as the closing event and last but not least the Go real! Phase where it will be decided whether there will be an implementation into products or the production, services investments, or cooperation contracts.

Learn more about the Startup Autobahn here.