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The CA-TISCA 2016 Benchmarking Study and Industry Awards

Join iPoint and Development International (DI) on November 15 for an interactive webinar in which DI’s principal investigator Dr. Chris N. Bayer will explain the evaluation approach, methods, timeline, and products for the "Comprehensive CA-TISCA Benchmarking Study 2016."

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In 2015, Development International (DI) released the first comprehensive benchmarking report which evaluated 1,504 brands on their anti-slavery disclosure compliance under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (CA-TISCA).

This year, a new study funded by iPoint will be conducted in conjunction with DI. Under the lead of principal investigator Dr. Chris N. Bayer, DI will evaluate all eligible companies – approximately 2,000 brands in 2016 – against their disclosure compliance based on the law’s Risk Verification, Audit, Certification, Internal accountability and Training (VACIT) framework as a compliance matrix. In addition, the study will record to what extent companies report affirmative practice on these criteria.

The 2015 benchmarking study revealed that many affected companies still have work to do on their statements in order to live up to the letter of the law: Only forty-one (41%) percent of companies were found to have a corporate disclosure score on or above the 70% mark.

For the 2016 benchmarking study, we hypothesize to measure an improvement, in part due to the increased visibility the issue of modern day slavery is receiving. The 2016 study will build off the foundation of the previous version but will emphasize the success of companies who have taken great steps to comply with the legislation.

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Language: English

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A period)

Date & time: Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 08.30 AM Pacific, 09.30 AM Mountain, 10.30 AM Central, 11.30 AM Eastern, 5.30 PM Greenwich Mean Time, 6.30 PM Central European Time