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Webinar: What does the move to high product transparency mean to your company?

Higher product transparency is increasingly becoming a global business requirement for companies across multiple markets and industries.

Learn more about

  • What high product transparency is and why it is important

  • The history and trends behind it

  • The progressive steps towards improving it

  • The operational business best practices to help support it.

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Your speakers:

James Ewell - Director, Sustainable Materials, GreenBlue Institute

As a member of the original team that founded GreenBlue in 2003, James re-joined the organization in 2011. As Director of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Materials program, he is responsible for managing the development and practical implementation of its sustainable materials management framework. James has extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable product design and manufacturing, chemical transparency and supply chain management. As Director of Consulting for McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), James developed and implemented Cradle-to-Cradle criteria for designing and manufacturing sustainable products and improving corporate practices. He has worked with numerous corporate clients from a diversity of industrial sectors.

Eric Smith, Director Sales, iPoint Inc.

Eric has over 10 years of experience working to help specify, implement and support product compliance programs for multiple industries. As Director of Sales for the U.S. Market at iPoint Inc., his current responsibilities include sales and business development for new and existing clients and markets. Eric holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the University of Chicago.