Driving Industry Transparency – Interview with iPoint CEO

Podcast of Interview with Joerg Walden Now Available

Happy Porch Radio recently released an interview with iPoint CEO Joerg Walden as a part of their “Digital in the Circular Economy” Podcast series. Happy Porch Radio’s podcasts feature interviews with leading experts and digital leaders discussing different approaches to tackle today’s issues like climate change, inequalities, and global security.

Season 5 of the Podcast series is dedicated to the topic “Digital in the Circular Economy” and includes 10 Interviews with experts and hands-on people who are actually working on solutions to today’s issues. We are very proud to be one of the interviewed experts of season 5. Titled “Driving Industry Transparency”, the podcast interview with iPoint CEO Joerg Walden is all about how expanding knowledge around digitalizing the life cycles of products and supply chains is essential and can drive new business models.

Find out more about what iPoint is doing to drive transparency through digitalization by listening to the whole interview here.