eBook “From Compliance to Sustainability”

Managing Material Life Cycle in the Circular Economy Era

We are excited to announce the publication of our new eBook “From Compliance to Sustainability – Managing Material Life Cycle in the Circular Economy Era”. Addressed to senior decision makers, managers, compliance officers, engineers, and any corporate citizen interested in the topic, the eBook, authored by Maroye Marinkovic, Product Innovation Manager at iPoint, and Dr. Bing Xu, Director of Business Innovation, will support you on your journey from compliance to sustainability.

Starting with material compliance, the eBook explores the entire material life cycle and the connections between corporate sustainability goals, circular economy, and digital technology. Thereby, the focus is on business processes, IT solutions, and the utilization of data as the three key elements which – in combination with sustainability and the circular economy – create greater value for companies and their value chains. In addition, the eBook explains iPoint’s role in integrating and utilizing data for business outcomes and presents how iPoint’s solutions can help you managing material life cycles in the Circular Economy Era.

You can download the free eBook here.